Remarks from the CSI President

Congratulations Crime Stoppers Trinidad and Tobago on your 20th anniversary!

Over the course of the last 20 years, CSI has developed into a highly-sophisticated global network of anonymous reporting platforms. As an accredited Crime Stoppers programme, CSTT directly contributes to the strength of that network and to how the Crime Stoppers brand, corporate image and reputation are perceived – locally, nationally and internationally.

In addition to successfully working with law enforcement and the media to help stop, solve and prevent crime in Trinidad and Tobago, CSTT has demonstrated strong leadership on a number of fronts, including:

  • Hosting the inaugural meeting that saw the establishment of the Crime Stoppers Caribbean, Bermuda and Latin America Region in March 2012
  • Long-standing representation on the CBLA Regional Board and the CSI Supervisory Board
  • Enjoying the full support of the government of Trinidad and Tobago spanning several different political administrations
  • Representation at every CSI Annual Conference since CSTT’s inception; and
  • Being the recipient of many CSI Awards recognising CSTT campaigns and initiatives.

On a personal note, the first CSI Annual Conference that I ever attended was hosted by CSTT in 2016 and I have fond memories of the very high standard of that event, the genuine warmth of your team, and the beauty of your host city.

Again, congratulations on this important milestone and CSTT’s many achievements. Thank you for your significant and ongoing contribution to helping stop, solve and prevent crime in Trinidad and Tobago, enjoy your celebrations … and keep up the good work.


President, Crime Stoppers International

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