The Murder of a Loving Grandmother Meena Panchoo

Last Wednesday 10th April at about 10am Boysie Panchoo 65, left his Marabella home to do daily chores. He locked the steel garage door behind him, and left his wife Meena Panchoo 61,  inside preparing the midday meal.

When he returned about an hour later he found the steel gate opened and Meena,  his wife of 38 years strangled on the kitchen floor. Several areas of the house were ransacked. The couple had celebrated their wedding anniversary just two days before.

Meena Panchoo was a mother of one and a loving grandmother of three.  She and her husband had planned to take their first vacation together overseas in July of this year and had already bought airline tickets.

Meena Panchoo operated a plant shop at her home for many years and customers normally came from across the country   to purchase her plants. The family therefore remains in a state of shock at this murder.

Have you overheard anyone speaking about this murder?

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Did you see someone coming from the Panchoo’s home between 10am and 11am on Wednesday 10th April?

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