About Us

Crime Stoppers Trinidad and Tobago is a registered Non-Profit Company that began operations in 1999.

We give the ordinary citizen the ability to anonymously and safely report criminal activity or suspicious activities 24 hours daily throughout the year.

Our Vision

Our Vision is of a Trinidad and Tobago where the ordinary citizen regains confidence in the nation’s collective ability to combat and rid the country of the scourge of crime.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to combat crime by creating the premier, flagship, private sector mechanism through which every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago can participate effectively and successfully.

To achieve our objectives we have created a unique partnership between the community, the police and the media.

It's safe and it works.

Every 14 minutes somewhere around the world a crime is solved because of an anonymous tip to a Crime Stoppers Programme.

You can play a part in making T&T a safer place by sharing what you know about unsolved crime and criminal activity without ever having to say who you are.

Our Story

Since its first chapter was officially formed in Albuquerque in 1976, Crime Stoppers worldwide has been responsible for more than 800,000 arrests and the recovery of more than US$7 billion in drugs and personal property.