Sharing information about criminal activity or about any suspicious activities is easy when you use Crime Stoppers. You simply call our toll-free hotline or use our online form.

Both ways you remain completely anonymous since we are not interested in your name or where you are calling from.

The Crime Stoppers call

Step 1

Giving information

When you call Crime Stoppers, a trained tele-operator takes the relevant information. You will NEVER be asked your name, from where you are calling or for any personal information. The telephone system used by the Crime Stoppers is not equipped with Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Mail or any other such device.

Your call can never be traced or recorded. Our call is Toll free so if you are calling from a prepaid phone and your card is depleted your call will still be received.

Step 2

Receiving your PIN

After receiving the information, the tele-operator provides you with a PIN which must be kept confidential. Do not share this with ANYONE.


Step 3

Tracking your tip status

You will be asked to call back within 21 days to track the status of the case and to find out if you are eligible for a cash reward payment up to $10,000.

Since there is no way for us to contact you, sometimes at this stage you may be asked for clarification or additional information.


Step 4

Collecting the cash reward

Once you are eligible for a cash reward and the PIN is provided, the Tele Operator gives details of how the cash reward should be collected.


Coordinating tips

The Crime Stoppers Police Coordinator sends all the tips received to the relevant Heads of Police Stations / Divisions and investigating officers. The Coordinator continuously checks with these personnel to determine the status of the investigations based on the tips that have been provided.