Crime Stoppers Trinidad and Tobago has completed its Community Signage Competition at the winners are expected to be announced shortly. For the past six weeks, the judges have been visiting communities stretching from Good Wood Gardens and Belmont near the capital to Maracas St Joseph, Sangre Grande, Biche, Princes Town, San Fernando, and Roxborough, Tobago.
In all there were 12 finalists, in the Competition in which participants were invited to create signs in their communities that carry crime prevention messages.

The judges, two experienced artists, first assessed entries from throughout Trinidad and Tobago, and then narrowed the list down to 12 finalists – the Believers’ Training Centre, New Grant; Friends of the Sangre Civic Centre; Casablanca Pan Yard, Belmont; Biche Community Council; La Seiva Village Council; the Realise Junction Council, Lengua, Princes Town; San Fernando Government Sec. School; Vega De Oropouche Village Council; Boys Town Steel Orch., Carenage; Roxborough Multipurpose Youth Centre, Tobago; Good Wood Gardens Community; and the Dinsley/Trincity Neighbourhood Watch.

So far, these messages on these signs have already begun to have an impact upon communities. One community has reported that it has received requests from surrounding villages for copies of its design. The judges’ decision, presented the last meeting of the Board of Crime Stoppers for approval, has been ratified, and will be announced at a presentation ceremony.

In the meantime, Crime Stoppers has begun the installation of concrete benches, carrying crime prevention messages, throughout the country. The first of these benches has been installed in an area, near the Arima Lawn Tennis Court, and King’s Court, south of the Arima Velodrome.

Fifteen of these benches are to be installed at easily identifiable sites, around the eastern Borough. Later, they will be installed in the Boroughs of Chaguanas, and Port of Spain, and areas managed by the Regional Corporations of San Juan/Laventille, and Tunapuna/Piarco. The programme will be extended later to areas in south Trinidad.

Crime Stoppers also continues with its radio series, currently being broadcast three times per week on 14 stations. The programme, called “The Crime Stoppers Minute” provides tips on crime prevention, simply techniques on how citizens could avoid criminal attacks in every day circumstances