Safety Tips

Our families should feel safe wherever we live, work, learn or play. We have provided some practical safety advice that will help you and your family become more aware of your surroundings and prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.

Crime occurs daily and many times in places that you think a crime could never be committed. Since you can never be really assured of your own safety, it is very important to learn everything you can on keeping you and your family personally safe.

Get personal safety Tips

The safety and protection of your family will always be a top priority. Our homes must therefore be well protected from intruders and criminals. Follow these tips to reduce the risk of being a victim of crime.

With the exponential use of the internet for online transactions during the pandemic the potential for online scams has significantly increased. You need to be vigilant to prevent yourself from becoming a victim and immediately report any suspicions to the police.

Criminals have now mastered the “art” of committing crimes online with the use of computers, other online devices and complicated cyber networks. Private individuals, small businesses and large corporations are all affected.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to combat crime by creating the premier, flagship, private sector mechanism through which every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago can participate effectively and successfully.