Crime occurs daily and many times in places that you think a crime could never be committed. It is very important to learn everything you can on keeping you and your family personally safe.

Since you can never be really assured of your own safety, it is very important to learn everything you can on keeping you and your family personally safe.

At home

  • Never indicate that you are home alone.
  • Do not open your door for just anyone. Install a viewer. Confirm credentials.
  • If there is an emergency and someone wants to use the phone, ask him/her to wait outside. You should then make the call instead
  • Do not rely on night chains. They can usually be broken with little effort.
  • Upon arriving home, if you think there is someone inside … GET OUT … THEN CALL THE POLICE.
  • Purchase a blow horn. These are inexpensive. If you suspect a prowler, sound the horn and call the police immediately. Immediately turn on outside lights and call a neighbour to look out and blow their horn as well.

On the phone

  • When talking to unknown persons on the phone, do not give personal information or that of family members.
  • When placing your voice mail message for your home phone say “I’m not available at this time”, not “There’s no one in at the moment”.

At the ATM

  • Do not carry more money or valuables than are necessary. Use Lynx, credit cards and then cash.
  • Avoid using ATM machines at night. When using the ATM, note the proximity of anyone who may be standing close to you
  • Be aware of credit card fraud and identity theft. Your financial institution can assist you by giving you more information.

While walking

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Take note of suspicious persons, heavily tinted vehicles and dark areas. If you are suspicious of your environment, leave the area immediately.
  • Avoid strangers who approach you and offer unsolicited ‘deals’.
  • If you must walk, walk on the side of the street, facing oncoming traffic. Walk away from the curb and carry your purse or bag on the side farthest from the curb.
  • If you are being followed on foot, cross the street and go to the nearest well-lit area, a residence or an open business.
  • If walking, be cautious of strange cars parked close to your home. Note license plate numbers of any unfamiliar cars parked in your neighbourhood, especially if they have heavily tinted windows or individuals sitting inside. If you feel you are at risk call a family member or a neighbour. Remember to vary your daily routines.
  • Carry your phone in your hand with key numbers in an easily accessible area
  • Avoid walking near shrubbery that may conceal criminals who could ambush you.
  • If you are physically challenged, be realistic about your limitations and make special allowances to avoid placing yourself at risk.
  • If an armed criminal confronts you, do not attempt to defend yourself unless you are trained to do so. Surrender your property and avoid being injured or at worst, murdered.