A crime occurs every minute in different parts of the world and they even happen in places that you think a crime could never be committed. Since no one is really assured of their own safety, it is very important to learn everything you can on how to keep your personal security since in the eyes of the criminal you are their next potential victim.
Crime Stoppers T&T (Figures to May 2, 2017)
Number of calls received 580,306
Number of tips received 19,952
Total cases cleared 8,814
Number of persons arrested/charged 1,573
Value of stolen property recovered (TTD) 19,107,524
Narcotics 294,906,127
Crime Stoppers International (1976 to present)
Arrests made 965,163
Cases cleared 1,501,776
Rewards paid (USD) 117,562,941
Property recovered (USD) 2,122,776,681
Drugs seized (USD) 8,976,384,548
Total recovered (USD) 11,099,161,229


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